Captain & Coke Cupcakes II

I have an unholy love for Captain Morgan. It dates back to my college days. I have an aaah-mazing sorority sister, J, who used to carry a pint with her when we went to house parties… and then there was another sister, C, who drank Capt & Coke’s. I also have another wonderfully amazing friend, A, who spent many drunken nights with the Captain and I. Not to mention, it’s delish! sigh… Capt & Coke was always a good time!
Back to the subject at hand. I made the first batch of Captain & Coke cupcakes over a year ago, when my alcoholic baking obsession started. At that point I was bringing them into work, so they had to be “non-alcoholic”! BOO. This time around, I could do what I wanted! So… they’re chock full of Captain.
The Coke Cake recipe was from “The Big Book of Cupcakes”, and was originally an orange soda cupcake. It was for 12 cupcakes, so I double it, and ended up with 34 cupcakes. Huh? I don’t know either. I filled the cups 2/3 full, as usual. I also added the Captain to the cake, because, as we’ve already established, I love Captain.
I cored these the same way as I did the JagerBomb cupcakes… you should check out THOSE too. I filled them with the Capt filling (duh). I ended up adding the vanilla to the filling to tame the Captain’s bite. Then I put the tops back on, and frosted them with the Capt & Coke frosting (double duh).
The cake is springy & moist. Ugh, I really hate that word, moist. All around this batch was better than the first.  Yummy.
I hope these cupcakes bring happy thoughts, and wonderful memories to you.
-Hey Waitress!!
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