Capt’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

As much as I’d like to claim these cookies as my brilliance, I can’t.  I found this on a blog called They’re good. BUT (there’s always a but) they don’t taste like Captain! I mean, I couldn’t taste it at all. suuuuuper sad about that.  That’s not gunna stop me from eating the heck outta these cookies.
The original recipe only called for one “brushing”, I went with 2.
I also used light brown sugar ( because that’s all I had handy)
I used a 1/2 tablespoon measure to scoop the cookie dough… and ended up with over 6 dozen cookies… that way, I can eat more, and not feel guilty. 😉 (like you’ve never done that!?)
That’s all I have to say about them. Def going to look around for a more “Captainy” Cookie.
-Hey Waitress!!
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