Bailey’s Irish Coffee Brownies

nom nom nom. That’s the sound of me chowing down on these brownies. This recipes makes 20 (smallish) servings!  Here is a short post with my notes/ changes to the recipe.
 The original recipe:
  • doesn’t call for a specific type of brownie, only that the box be 20 oz. Would you believe I couldn’t find a 20 oz box of brownie mix!? I ended up going with the (19.9 oz) Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate.
  • says to boil the milk, Bailey’s, and coffee in the microwave, cool completely, mix in vanilla. I assumed it was to “boil off” the alcohol in the Bailey’s. I skipped this part because we’re all adults here. 😉
Did you know that “cool completely”… means cool COMPLETELY?
I got over excited and attempted to cut these (into 10 pieces) after they’d only been out of the oven for 5ish minutes, then moved them to a wire rack to finish cooling. MISTAKE!
They pretty much fell apart.
I guess next time I’ll cool them completely in the pan, on a wire rack.
 I ended up having to cut the in half again, then “trim” the edges before I frosted them.
I kept these in the fridge, just because I liked them cold!
enjoy. love,
Hey Waitress!!
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2 thoughts on “Bailey’s Irish Coffee Brownies

  1. bigbearswife says:

    Thank you so much for the Recipe!

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