mice, ashtray stealer, & anti-vivisectionists and animal right activists (written 4/16/08)


i officially dislike lab mice. mean mean mean ass little things. have you ever been bitten by a pissed off mouse? i mean… seriously… bitten. 3 times. trying to restrain an effing MOUSE! i seriously dislike restraining mice. don’t scruff high enough… it’ll get ya. don’t scruff tight enough… it’ll get ya. nevermind actually catching the little buggers. the cage is the size of a shoe box… how hard do you think it could be to catch 1 of 3 mice in a cage the size of a shoebox? try catching it by the base of the tail then putting it on the table, scruffing it (correctly), holding it correctly… tail held between pinky finger and palm (still scruffed), and finding and showing Amy or Ruth, then sexing it… all without getting bit. impossible if you’re me. those little buggers. anyway… RATS next week…

ashtray stealer…

you’re an asshole. what give you the right to come on to my patio… and STEAL!? if you really wanted an i ❤ NY ashtray that bad… buy one on EBAY! i know it’s just an ashtray and a few lighters… but shit… you’re still an asshole. that ashtray ment something to me. i left it out there used it, and didn’t think some asshole would STEAL it! my bad.

that also makes me slightly nervous. with my patio blinds cracked open enough so i could almost see someone… and they could def. tell we were sitting on the couch and hear the tv… during the day… someone walked onto our privacy fenced patio. what if it was yesterday, when i was home alone with the weather almost 70 and my glass door open… and the blinds open a bit… would that asshole come into my apartment? i’m mad.

BTW- words of the day are ASSHOLE, BUGGER aaaaand…

antivivisectionists and animal rights activists…

antivivisectionist- group or person opposed to using animals in research either invasive or not (literally- someone against cutting life).

animal rights- is the idea that the basic interests of non-human animals should be afforded the same consideration as the basic interests of human beings.Although animal rights advocates argue, broadly speaking, that animals should no longer be regarded as property, or used as food, clothing, research subjects, or entertainment, but should instead be regarded as legal persons and members of the moral community. (wikipedia)

How many animals died… how many coats destroyed… they ruin coats… that animals already died to make… whats the point? why not encourage people to not buy those coats? That would save an animal. Why destroy buildings and property then release animals into the wild that can’t fend for themselves? They are going to die. MAKE LAWS NOT VIOLENCE… someone’s mother, grandfather, brother, sister will be saved by appropriate research conducted by a USDA certified facility. The porcine heart valve and skin research may save someone’s family member.

do threats and bombs and cans of spraypaint make you a good person? a brave person? show me your face. don’t hide behind a mask. if what you are doing is the right thing… show me your face. animal research saves lives. now do your research. find out what you’re protesting again. study it. learn about it. then deside if you are doing the right thing. i don’t like puppy mills… so i don’t buy from pet stores, i research breeders. i don’t think people should wear fur… so i don’t. i believe in the laws… rules… and regulations regarding animal welfare in this country. not everyone follows those rules… but i also believe in justice. you will be caught and punished for your crimes. first by law, then by god. that mean you too ALF and PETA. not just the veal farmer… or the puppy mill owner, but you skimasked extremists… i admire the fact you have convictions. do your research! and if you’re too busy flooding houses, threatening peoeple who make your life better, spray painting fur coats, destroying farm equiptment, and making propaganda videos… i’ll do your research for you.

quick fact- anything that needs to be approved by the FDA must be tested on animals before it can go to human trials.

BUT there are alternatives to research… if you wanna know more. ask. i’m sure i have plenty of websites and books…

thanks for listening.

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