I moved!

Well… not me in particular. But the blog. The blog moved! All my new posts are going to be at HungryHollyRuns.wordpress.com!

When I exported/ imported to the new blog address there was a minor issue. The links to the recipe pages still come back to this site. It’s a bummer, but I’m fixing them link by link. if you wanted to bookmark a recipe I’d suggest using the “search” feature on the left side bar of HungryHollyRuns! That will take you to the recipe page on the new site.

Go check out the new blog.  It’s like this one, but it has a better name. ;)


New Posts

Soft & Chewy Butterscotch & Chocolate Chip Cookies & New 2 Me Cooking Challenge (week 13) posted at my new blog home HungryHollyRuns!

Go there, and don’t forget to “follow”, or bookmark, or whatever!

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Lemon Herb Pasta

Lemon Herb Pasta for week 12 of my New 2 Me Cooking Challenge posted on HungryHollyRuns!

Go there to see it… and all my new posts!